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Worth the Fight!
Joey Racano 4 Morro Bay City Council
~Worth the Fight~

This is the view from 'NorthPoint', a vista in North Morro Bay overlooking the gorgeous Estero Bay. Unfortunately, it has lately also become known as 'Dead Otter Beach', as well.

It often confounds me as to how the men who arrived here one day, looked around at the pristine sea, spiritual rock of the Salinan Tribe, the puffy white clouds above rolling golden hills, and thought: "Gee, what a great place for a Power Plant!".

The first thing they did was shoot all the bears. Then, they blew up the rock. Then they cut all the oaks. Then they put in the power plant.

Although this was all a long time ago, this is a story whose ending is yet to be written. Urban and agricultural runoff still pour into our precious estuary. Millions of gallons of poorly-treated human sewage is intentionally poured into Estero Bay each day, less than 2800 feet from shore!

The city of Morro bay still spends money it doesn't even have, and hires lobbyists to trick the people into agreeing to raise their own taxes, manipulate their own elections. Lobbyists are als hired to travel to Washington to mislead officials there by misrepresenting the public.

Interestingly, none of these problems- or the solutions to them- is all that complex. What Morro Bay lacks is strong leadership. Leadership to stand fast against:

*Agricultural interests who want to dump billions of gallons of selenium-tainted ag-water into the ocean off Point Estero.

*The Cayucos CSD, who send raw sewage into the City of Morro Bay, fight against better sewage treatment, hide the truth from their own citizens by refusing to hold 'JPA' meetings in their own town, and have yet to explain where the 4.8 Million Dollars in missing reserves is hidden from half-owner, Morro Bay.

*Special interest groups who damage Morro Bay's ecology, finances and reputation by bringing nothing to our city except pollution while they continue to be a drain on our precious coastal resources.

Since arriving in Morro Bay two years ago, I have fought hard to protect the resources of Morro Bay. I have innovative ideas on how to heal our city and bring us into a new era of ecological sanity and economic prosperity.

I hope you will support me in my bid to play a leadership role as a member of the Morro Bay City Council, and I invite you to check here as I continue to update this blog with a fresh perspective on our problems and my ideas for the solutions to those problems!

Thank you for your support,

Joey Racano
Morro Bay City Council Candidate
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